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flat belly solution Post-Partum Flat Belly Solution

Women who have just given birth will understandably look for a safe, effective and healthy flat belly solution after a few weeks living with their post-partum squishy and flabby stomachs. Many new mothers will even despair about ever regaining their flat abs after these body parts have blown up like balloons. The good news is that, like a blown-up balloon, the birth of your baby started a slow, steady and sure leak.

Hormonal Process

Before we can discuss the ways toward a flat belly after delivery, the process behind its deflation must be understood. You will then be able to set realistic expectations as to when, why and how your previously bulging belly can become flat again.

As soon as your baby is born, your body undergoes many hormonal changes that cause your waist to deflate and then, hopefully, shrink back into its pre-pregnancy state. Or you hope for something as close to it as much as possible. Keep in mind that even the advocate of the best flat belly solution is not a miracle worker.


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To be more specific, these hormonal changes are a series of interrelated cellular events that contribute to a flatter belly. Your uterus will start to contract back to its normal size in approximately four weeks, thus, lessening the appearance of a pregnant belly. Your body will also start releasing the accumulated fluids through sweat, urine and vaginal secretions, which lessens bloating.

Your body’s extra fat, which was acquired as a way to nourish your baby while he was still in the body, will start burning off. If you are breastfeeding and exercising, you are speeding up this process and, hence, making it easier to lose the post-partum pouch.

In all of these hormonal changes, you must be patient in the same way that you must be patient with the flat belly solution discussed below. Your body took nine months to undergo the changes related to pregnancy and it will take a similar amount of time to revert back to its normal state.

How to Facilitate the Process

So how can you speed up the process so that your post-pregnancy pouch will disappear in a few months’ time? Scientific studies as well as anecdotal evidence point to the efficacy of the following methods:

Breastfeeding your baby is beneficial for your sexy body in many ways. First, you are burning more calories while making and giving milk for your baby, which means that you will lose more weight faster.


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Second, your uterus contracts faster when you are nursing, which leads to a smaller belly. Exercise the whole body. Yes, like the flat belly solution for people who have large stomachs but were never pregnant, your belly will not look more toned with just abs-centered exercises like muscles.

Aerobic exercises are essential to melt away the visceral fats in the entire body including the belly with the strength training exercises coming later when your body is ready for them. Following a well-balanced diet of fruits, vegetables, and whole grains, among other healthy food choices, in moderate amounts is necessary, too. You should not go on a strict diet because your body needs the nutrients – approximately 1,800 to 2,200 calories per day is good.

So, what is the ultimate flat belly solution? A healthy diet and exercise program with breastfeeding, if possible.


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